Why Silver King Yachts?


 The Silver King Yachts team is here for you, from for sale, to sold!

Selecting the right brokerage when selling your vessel improves the length of time your vessel is on the market as well as how much you can potentially sell it for. 

When it comes to choosing to list your vessel with a broker, do not settle.​ 

Silver King Yachts is there for you when you need us, and our team of brokers & marketing professionals work vigorously day in & day out to provide a world class service.

Let The Silver King Yachts Team Go To Work For You!

Sit back and relax while our team of world class brokers & marketing professionals go to work for you! 

At Silver King Yachts, we understand all boats are different & they need to be marketed as such. 

The days of posting a boat online and waiting for it to sell are long gone, our team actively markets your vessel day in and day out.

We specialize in online marketing and our proven sales record speaks for itself. 

If you are considering selling your boat, you owe it to yourself to speak to one of our brokers first and learn why we are the clear choice.

Whats My Boat Worth?

Let Silver King Yachts Give You A Free Market Analysis

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All information is strictly confidential and will NOT be sold.

Value is determined based on current market listings and prior sales. 

Boat bluebook has become outdated.

 Let our team put together a real number of what your boat is worth and where it should be listed at and expected to sell at.

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